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How can SlimWiki help your team?

Simple, versatile and powerful features and incredibly low friction content creation mean that your team spend their time focussing on your business.

Beautiful Layout & Typography

We have thought carefully about design so you don’t have to. You need only focus on your content, we make it look amazing

Simple drag/drop placement and layout of images and files helps you produce rich, useful content easily

Files & Media

Page History

Every change made is stored so it is easy to compare pages, quickly see who made which changes and revert changes

Your data is secure, backed up and exportable at all times.

Private & Secure

Page Visibility & Teams

Content can be visible to your whole company, restricted to a specific Team of people or visible only to the content creator

Careful optimization of the user experience and fast performance means a low barrier for content creation and editing

Fast & Efficient

Mobile & Desktop

SlimWiki looks stunning on desktop, tablet or phone. Our fully responsive design adjusts perfectly to fit all your devices

Coming soon - Choose a layout that matches the culture and style of your team

Professionally Designed Templates

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